We get a lot of questions via email and by phone here at the Lab. So, in an effort to quell the ever questioning mind, the mad doctor has compiled a list of commonly asked questions and answers to put your mind at rest.

How much is entry?
Entry to the venue is free. The cabaret shows are also free. You just pay for food and drinks.

How much is the show?
The show and entry is free at Frankensteins - you just pay for food and drink

What time is the show?
We have 5 shows nightly. The Family Session show times are 6.30pm & 7.20pm. The Adult Session Show times are 8.40pm, 9.40pm & 10.40pm.

Do you have shows on every night of the week?
Yes. 7 days a week. Every night has 2 different sessions - a Family Session & an Adults Only Session. The Family Session has 2 shows, the Adult Session has 3 different shows. A list of the shows for the day is posted on our face-book page daily

Can we eat dinner during the show?
Yes. Frankensteins kitchen is open from 4.30pm 7.15pm (family session) & 8.30pm - 11.30pm (during the Adult Session) every night. We have an extensive A La Carte (made-to-order) pub-style menu. You can order food at anytime during the evening. Please note - the Kitchen will close at 7.15pm during the Family Session - so make sure you get your orders in before then!

Can we stay for all of the shows in each session?
Yes. Once you have booked the table for a session, the table is your for as long as you want it. You don't have to leave after the first show so you are free to party all night with for the whole session.

What is the best time to book in?
We recommend that 4.30pm is the best time to arrive at the Lab for the Family Session. And 7pm is the best time to arrive for the Adult Session (for pre-drinks in the Time Warp Lab)

How much is the face-painting?
We have 2 different styles of face-painting services offered, Regular and Deluxe. Regular face-painting (stage make-up) is 50,000rp (approx $5 AUD) - Deluxe face-painting (silicone based 3D SFX make-up) is 100,000rp (approx $10 AUD). Face-painting is available in both Sessions. 

Do we have to book for face-painting?
No. Face-painting tickets are issued to tables at the start of the night. It is a first come, first served ticket system for face-painting. So if you would like to get face-painting done, you need to book your table early as tickets go fast (book your table before 7pm). We have a limit of 30 tickets per night per session(as face-painting by our artists is labour intensive we can only do 30 faces per session!) - Please also note that Kids will always take priority over adults when it comes to face-painting services, due to the massive amount of children that attend our family friendly venue, adults will be offered tickets once all of the little monsters have been painted first!

Is the face-painting safe for skin and or childrens skin?
Yes. All of our products are non-toxic and have a 99% non-reaction rate in most types of skin. All of which is easily removed with soap and warm water or make-up wipes. Obviously if you (or your children) have sensitive skin, it is at your discretion as to whether you should get your make-up done.

How long does Face-painting take?
Anywhere between 5-12 minutes depending on the style and detail of the make-up.

Image Courtesy of TMT Photography

Can we split bill?
NO! Sorry guys. We will not in any circumstances, split bills on a table. It is both an inconvieniance for us - and honestly just a pain in the ass. If you require a pen, calculator or assistance with paying your bill at the end of the session, our staff are happy to help. Our advice to you to make it easier for paying bills on large groups - Pay for your drink as you go at the bar, instead of ordering drinks at your table. This will make it easier for you to split your meal bill at the end.

What is your address?
Jl. Dhyana Pura, No.6, Seminyak, Bali (just off Jl. Raya Seminyak near Bintang Supermarket)

How long does is take to get to Seminyak from Kuta?
In a taxi, roughly 10-15mins depending on the traffic. Roughly 5-10mins from Legian. A metered taxi to the venue will cost anywhere bewteen 30,000rp and 80,000rp depending on how cheeky the taxi driver is :) And Yes, we have taxi services on standby available from the venue to your hotel after you've finished up for the night.

Do you have an age restriction for children?
No. We welcome guests of all ages. The shows are appropriate (and not that scary) for children as young as 2 years old. Obviously if you think your child will be scared at Frankensteins, it is at your discretion whether to bring on them not.

How can I make a reservation?
You can make a booking 2 different ways at Frankensteins Laboratory. Please see our Contact Us Page. We prefer to get email bookings so we can send a booking confirmation to our guests. PLEASE NOTE: Email reservations for the same day stop at 5pm. All reservations for the same day being made after 5pm need to call the restaurant on 0361 731 622

When should I book?
Frankensteins Laboratory has become a very popular restaurant. Every night at the Lab is booked out often days before. So to ensure a booking, contact us at-least 5-7 days in advance (during high season 10-14 days in advance). For the best seats in the house, you must book early - priority of best seats is given to those who book in advance (and we have many advance bookings often 3-4 months ahead) 

Can we dress up in fancy dress to come to Frankensteins?
Of course. We love seeing our guests get into the spirit of the Lab. So please feel free to come dressed in costume on the night!

Do you have high-chairs for young children?

Is your restaurant smoking or non-smoking?
Frankensteins like most other venues in Bali is a smoking venue. Despite the fact that we have ashtrays on most tables, most guest choose to smoke out in our beer garden located at the side of the venue. However in saying this, Frankensteins does have a NON-SMOKING SECTION, we do have only a limited amount of non-smoking seats, so if you require, please ask whilst making your booking.

Can we see the entertainment from every seat in the house?
Yes. Our shows are very interactive and all of our entertainment moves into the crowd. The furtherest away table is only 15m from the stage. You are not bound to your table, so if you can not see the show, you are free to move about the venue to find a better vantage point if needed.

Do you have air-conditioning?
Yes. However due to the shape of the restaurant it is limited. Frankensteins is very well ventilated and cooled by fans and air flow. If you feel like you will over-heat, please bring suitable attire and or a personal fan if required. Bali is hot. And located in the tropics. And Frankensteins at times can get quite warm, especially when we have a full house. Frankensteins provides sufficient cooling methods for the venue, so if needed, please dress appropriately for the temp.

Do you serve gluten free options on your menu?
Yes. Most Celiacs know what they can and can't eat. Most of salads are gluten free, as is our Steak option - if ordered without sauce. Please see our menu for more details.

Can you cater for people with food allergies? 
Yes. We are happy to modify our menu items to cater to your food allergies. 

Do you do anything special for birthday guests?
Absolutely!! We always love to spoil our birthday guests, we wont give-away what it is we do for our birthday guests, but rest assured we always go out of way to make our birthday guests feel special.
Can you arrange Birthday Cakes through Frankensteins?
The answer to this one is a no, however, there are some amazing cake specialists in Bali (close by the venue) that can make a custom cake suit your needs - and we won't even charge you a cake-age fee! We will always recommend that choose from our 2 favourite cake suppliers - Cafe Moka Seminyak or Ixora Cakes. Both provide a wonderful service, both have online ordering systems, where you can order, pay, customise and choose your cake style - and both will deliver your cake to the restaurant on the day for a small extra fee. We use both of these suppliers on a regular basis, and all of our guests are very happy with the results. Just google them and order away!

Are your salad and food items washed and or cooked with with tap water?
No. Frankensteins uses spring water to wash all fruit and vegetable items prior to use. We also only use spring water in the preparation and cooking of our food. Spring water is bloody cheap in Bali - in-fact it only costs $1.70 (AUD) for 19L of spring water here - so rest assured, why would we use anything else?

Is your ice safe to consume?
Yes. Popular belief that ice is not safe to consume in Bali is a myth. All ice in Bali is made from Natural spring water - not tap water. Even the locals don't drink the tap water.  

Do you serve Arak?
No. Arak is dangerous and unregulated spirit produced in Bali. It can be very harmful the body, often causing server vomiting and nausea, high blood pressure, anxiety, severe headaches, and in some case blinding. Frankensteins only serves customs grade branded spirits in all of our cocktails. The spirits & liqueurs in Bali in most cases cost the same price as purchasing the same product at cost in Australia. We do not use substitutes. And we definately do not water down our drinks.

Who is performing when?
We have 2 different dance groups that perform nightly at the Lab. The Dancing Dead are our flagship group of entertainers and perform 5 nights per week. The Dancing Dead perform a variety of theatre style dance shows including Michael Jackson Thriller, Rocky Horror Picture Show and Beetlejuice themed shows. The Zombie Crew are our Zombie Street Crew, performing 2 nights a week. These guys rock the stage with their own blend of street style Hip-Hop and Breakdancing street crew shows - and they perform their own version of a Michael Jackson Thriller Show.

Do you have the sames shows every night?
No. We perform different shows everynight of the week. And rotate thru our dancers. All up we have about 16 different shows currently on rotation between our 2 sets of performers. For more info - please see our Cabaret Shows page.

Can Children Attend the Adult Session?
No. We have an age limit of 14 years old and above for the Adult Session. Please be advised, some of the shows may not suitable for children, and this why we do not permit children into the Adult session. If you have children 14yo or under - please make your booking for the family session.

Can we eat food during the pre-drinks session in the  Time Warp Lab (Adult Show)?
The simple answer to this questions guys is No. The pre-drinks session is for predrinks only. You can Pre-Order your food during the pre-drinks drinks session, and it will be delivered to your table between 8.40pm - 9.15pm when seated in the Restaurant. If you feel that you will be hungry before the Adult Session starts - please eat before you arrive!